Tahini Halva 3 Varieties Assorted (850gr-30 Oz) : Pistachio, Marble Chocolate & Plain - Flaky Turkish Halawa Tahini (B0765YSWWY)

Brand : Mughe Gourmet
Price : $20.47(Vat included)
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Mughe Gourmet Assorted Tahini Halva brings the most famous 3 flavors to your door in one box.. Enjoy the excellent taste of Marble Tahini Halva. We deliver to your door, shipping price is valid for EU Countries and US , please contact us for other global destinations...

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About the product

  • ✔ ENJOY 30 OZ of Incredibly Delicious and Satisfying Halvah - Nutty, Flaky, Dense, Tahini-Based Candy. 3 savory flavors: Plain, Pistachio & Marble with chocolate swirled in. Give these halva variations a try, You'll Adore!
  • ✔ Gorgeous Tasty Signature Halva Snack - The most ancient of desserts. Sweet Delicious Middle Eastern confection. ENJOY!
  • ✔ Great dessert that will keep conquering your heart - Our special tahini adds a very nice touch.
  • ✔ These sesame based paste are even delicious as much as regular dessert.
  • ✔ Sesame Tahini butter that's made from Toasted Ground Hulled Sesame Seeds
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