Mughe Luxury Turkish Cotton Candy Pismaniye Sweet (12 Fluffs) - Special Halva Candy Gift Box - Best Gourmet Traditional Floss Halvah (B0791CKJT1)

Brand : Mughe Gourmet
Price : $15.92(Vat included)
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One of the most popular Mughe Gourmet products.This ancient Turkish sweet that dates back to the 15th century. It is also called ‘fairy floss,’ ‘string havla,’ ‘stretched halva’ or ‘flax havla.’ ‘Pismaniye’, this specialty candy contains flour and butter as well as a lot of sugar that is pulled into thousands of fine, crumbly strands. These strands are gathered into bite-sized balls and boxed like candy. MUGHE GOURMET Turkish Cotton Candy ‘Pismaniye’ comes with elegant gift tin box. We deliver to your door, shipping price is valid for EU Countries and US , please contact us for other global destinations...

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About the product
  • ✔ MUGHE GOURMET TURKISH COTTON CANDY - SPECIAL GIFT BOX, perfect gift for who seeks unique taste of each and every bite!
  • ✔ ‘TRY IT ONCE & REGRET IT. DON'T TRY IT & YOU'LL REGRET IT THOUSAND TIMES!' a Turkish saying for "Pismaniye" this ancient Turkish sweet that dates back to the 15th century.
  • ✔ MUGHE GOURMET Cotton Candy is also called ‘fairy floss,’ ‘string havla,’ ‘stretched halva’ or ‘flax havla. OurTurkish Cotton Candy ‘Pismaniye’ is plain..
  • ✔ GREAT FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS - Birthday gifts, gifts, halloween candy gift, thanksgiving gifts, christmas gifts, dessert gifts, Valentines Day gifts, Holiday gifts, mothers day gifts, fathers day gifts, st patricks day gifts, womens day gifts, easter gifts, special hampers and for all your special days, Mughe Gourmet is at your service.
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